Who is behind classic mama?

I am SO glad you are here and I hope YOU can gain some value through my journey.

My name is Meagan and it's so nice to meet you!

I am the owner of Classic Mama!

If you're just like me, you have really big goals and dreams. You want to change the world, make it a better place but just aren't sure where to even start.

That was me before I got married and had kids back in 2010.

I grew up with the idea that a successful person follows a straight line to success. You go to college, graduate and then travel the world rescuing all the orphans.


At last those were my dreams. I was under the impression that getting married, having kids and settling down stopped me from living my life. 

I was dead wrong.

I married the man of my dreams at the young age of 22. We started having babies when I was 24 and then every 22 months after that. That wasn't necessarily on purpose. 

I didn't EVER think of myself as a mom. I always saw myself as a nurse, saving the world. I liked the idea of learning and helping people. 

After I had my first kid I just knew I had to be home with him. I was his mom and it was my job to watch him grow; to teach him everything he needed to know. 

I fell in love with being a stay at home mom and a wife.

However, a part of me wanted to work still. I continued to ache for outside conversations.  

 I just knew my son needed me, though. He needed all of me all the time and his needs were more important than mine.

So I stayed home. I focused on learning him and learning this new role in life. I was going to enjoy this blessed opportunity to be with my precious babies.  

Fast forward to now with two more babies. 

Adding two more babies I am realizing how precious time is.  I can see it slipping through my fingers as my youngest starts to walk when I swear I was just bringing her home from the hospital.  It is the brutal reminder that I will never get this time back.  I can see it slipping as my oldest no longer needs me to help him with things or when my middle child starts potting in the big potty

My desires have shifted. I kind of got this mom thing down, or at least I am not terrified so much anymore if they eat dirt or scrape their knees. 

I still have this longing to help people. 

My passion has shifted from helping the orphans to helping mamas in their financial situation. 

We have gone to having a steady income, to no income and everything in between. I have learned to live with not sure to when we are getting paid and how to be resourceful with what we do have. 

I have been blessed with a business project. It is a very great opportunity for me and my family. I am using this vehicle to show step by step that anyone can do it. 

I have never done anything like this before.

I really believe that we have been through trials and frustrations so we can help out other families through the hard times. My passions have truly shifted into something that I never thought they would be.

Finances are boring, they can be stressful but if we can change our perspective we can truly become financially free.

I will go the extra mile because I know HOW IMPORTANT this is.

I have big goals. BIG dreams.

Everyone should


I hope you stick around to see.

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Thank you so much for reading.

God Bless,

Meagan Patton